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Voice Studio: St. Petersburg, FL

In my studio, I accept singers over the age of 18 including professionals, students preparing for a professional singing career, and dedicated amateurs.

As a singer myself, I am fully convinced of the importance of preserving the unique character of every individualís voice. So as a voice teacher, I help singers develop the inherent beauty of their voice and create a seamless sound from the top to the bottom of their vocal register. The technique I teach focuses strongly on healthy singing that prevents damage to the vocal instrument in any way.

Like many voice teachers, I believe the basis for all good singing lies in breath control. But breathing techniques differ considerably from teacher to teacher. The one I use works consistently for every singer. It allows for the most control and preserves the uniqueness of the voice, yet it is the easiest breathing technique to learn. Once it is mastered, a singer is able to create a seamless quality through the entire vocal range. No "tricks" are required to produce a particular sound, so the singer has the freedom to be expressive both musically and dramatically without worrying about technique. I've helped many singers overcome common challenges. I've successfully taught singers with large voices to move them with flexibility, and helped singers who were overcompensating for technical problems to remove facial and body tensions.

Good vocal technique serves singers across all musical genres: classical, jazz, folk, music theater, and a variety of popular styles. While I have the greatest experience working with classical singers, I have also taught music theater performers, jazz singers, folk singers, and popular artists. The choice of musical genre is far less important than a singerís dedication to their chosen art form. Singers who are committed and work hard and carefully between lessons make the most progress.

Call or email to inquire about consultations and lessons.

(813) 409-4244